Day One

Internet has been unreliable at the house, so I have to wait until I am at the hotel to post.

I took in everything this morning as I walked to breakfast – children giggling and running to the school just blocks from where I am staying… the sweet smells of cinnamon and baking bread… the pleasant greetings of those I pass on the road.

I spent the evening working on my pitch, taking into consideration the suggestions for revision made by my loving husband Mike and my gracious host Franny.  Today, I present my manuscript in the hopes of finding someone willing to take me on, willing to represent me during this journey toward publication.  I pray I am met with positive answers, but have prepared for the evil rejection often found in this industry.  I’ve silently prayed for God to give me the strength to make it through and have asked my Grandmother to inspire the agents I am slated to meet with today.  Her words have impact and combined with my own writing, I hope I have a way to share them with readers beyond the blogisphere and casual publications.

I will have to wait to post photos as the internet doesn’t seem to want me to share the sites.


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