I spent Saturday and Sunday working bingo – I need to find some way to pay for my youngest son’s competitive soccer habit…

One of our guards, Ron, began speaking with me about his niece who travels regularly to the San Miguel area.  She actually came in to play so I had a chance to pick her brain and ask questions about the area.

She assured me it is safe, almost an Americanized area for tourists.  There are many sights to see, photo opportunities, and a very memorable friendly experience…

She then said the one thing I needed to hear..

Guanajuato is 45 minutes away and you must get there to see it….

I feared that the location is off limits to people like me. I feared that some part of Maria still lingers there. I feared that I too might find myself running toward the Camino Real.  I need to be in that space, so I think I am planning for a taxi to take me there.  I want to do this at the beginning of my journey so that I have something to write from.  It is the place where it all began, so why not do it backwards…

I leave her new home on 2/11…

I fly into her second home (Leon) that same day.

I need to stop into her first home and see where I began…

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